Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The Band that Ate the World

This is a video that I spent a lot of time working on for the band. I had no previous experience with video editing or shooting. I used footage that was shot with Alberts video camera by either myself or Albert with the exceptions of the wedding footage which was shot by our friend Junko. There is also a short amount of footage at the beginning from CB's that this guy Ned shot, he did a great job. We never had any intension of making a video for the band, we had shot footage for our personal use and after waiting for many years for others who had more experience then we who had shot the band and promised a video that never happened. The footage has a historical flavor to it as well with different times periods of our history. Watching the video gave me a new perspective with the visuals of the band and also shooting video. Some things work and some things don't! more on this later

I also want to thank Okkon who helped with the editing. He showed up unexpectedly at my door many times and kept after to me to complete this. Editing video is extremely difficult and I have a the utmost respect for people who do this as a career. Now I know why noone ever came at us with a video, too much work.