Friday, September 28, 2007

Utopia #7 - Grand Finale

We performed as a diversion for Critical Mass, stopped for pizza at two boots and then took the subway out to DUMBO where we marched down the street to Rebar and played outside for a bit, then we went inside for two wild rousing set with Draw-a-thon Nation.

Here's a link to a camera phone set

For more Pics from the Finale Utopia - Go to The room name is gorilla.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Utopia #6 - Protest

We protested with the restaurant workers. Again I was having such a great time i forgot to take pictures.

Forks & Knives, Unite!!!!

Come join us as we noisily support the Resaurant Opportunities Center.
The ROC organizes restaurant workers, mostly immigrants, throughout the
city. They are now engaged in a campaign against the Fireman
Hospitality Group who owns most of the large, fancy restaurants
surrounding Carnegie Hall and Lincoln Center, and which owes over $10
million in stolen tips and unpaid wages (along with sexual harassement
and racial discrimination claims) to 250 workers whom the ROC has
organized to file two federal lawsuits.

You can imagine what a boost it will give their protest to have HMB
brassily agitating on their behalf, and it wouldn't hurt if you join
them, too!

The protest will take place at Cafe Fiorello, at 64th and Broadway
(across from Lincoln Center) on Thursday the 27th from 7-8pm.

See you there!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Utopia #5 - Bar Crawl

Started out at Continential and then moved on through the LES, what seemed like it was going to be a quiet march between bars was not so quiet and we annoyed the neighbors and ended up with several summons from the police. oops! Sorry LES. We will make it up to you.

FYI: I wasn't there

Utopia #4 - 23 Skidoo

Tuesday - We started this Utopia at the scene of the original 23 skidoo in Madison Square Park where the Park Rangers stopped us after a round about and sent us over to the base of the Flatiron building. We met some interesting people that day including a women who asked us if we were a Jewish Arab band from Brooklyn. Here's a link to some pictures.

From the Desk of Trombonist Ben Meyers:

Grab your lunch and find a cozy spot near East 25th Street and Madison
Madison Square Park for a 1pm impromptu recital by the Hungry March
If Robert Anton Wilson still roamed the planet, he would explain the
Masonic-geographic significance of the Flatiron building and its
relationship to the Bush junta, and then encourage one and all to
it with a 9/8 cocek dance in hopes of levitating the thing. RAW, sadly,
longer roams the planet, but don't let that stop you from coming out!

Tuesday, September 25
1 PM
Madison Square Park, east side
Be prompt!

one love,
Hungry March Band

Monday, September 24, 2007

Utopia #3 - the Jail

The band did a set outside of the tombs in Chinatown and then did a parade. The ran around on a soccer field and were very well received. a friend of Okkons shot some video and we are waiting for a copy to publish.

UTOPIA #3: What Happens When the Chinese Language Collides With The HMB outside The Tombs?

Meet us tonight at 6:30 pm at Columbus Park, Bayard Street between
Mulberry and Baxter Street, on the park's northeast corner.

We will bring music to an unexpected audience, an unseen audience, an
unprepared audience. The unsuspecting ears will be those that are
waiting to be transferred to jail, corrections officers, and workers in
Chinese and Vietnamese restaurants in the area. This curious
intersection of NYC society will converge in a Utopian moment when the
Hungry March Band plays for the soul of the city. Please join us in
seeding the downtown soil.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Utopia #2 - Staten Island

This was our day on Staten Island starting with a set on the Ferry, then over to Steve Jones bookstore, Everything Goes Community Cafe, and up to the castle on the Hill. All very lovely. I has such a good time I forgot to take pictures!


MEET promptly at 1pm sharp at the Staten Island Ferry Whitehall Terminal in Manhattan. RIDE the 1:30 Ferry boat across the harbor w/ the HMB! Listen as we serenade the earth, the sea, the sky. Dance 'til you can dance no more. We arrive on the shores of the Forgotten Borough at approx. 2pm. WALK with us to the Everything Goes Community Cafe, 208 Bay Street.
(That's a left out of the Ferry Terminal, up over the hill, then down toVictory, left onto Victory, one block up to light, left to 208 Bay's the store with the green awning, behind the park that is being all torn up.
What you'll find is another utopic set from the Hungry March Band at Staten Island's
coolest and bestest place to hang. Our set at the ETG starts around 2:30.

For more Pics from the Staten Island Utopia - Go to The room name is gorilla.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Utopia #1 - Wedding

Our utopias began with an outdoor wedding on Long Island. We had to sneak around in the woods and jump out at the proper moment to surprise the wedding party, some how we managed to do this.

Rich having a good time