Monday, September 24, 2007

Utopia #3 - the Jail

The band did a set outside of the tombs in Chinatown and then did a parade. The ran around on a soccer field and were very well received. a friend of Okkons shot some video and we are waiting for a copy to publish.

UTOPIA #3: What Happens When the Chinese Language Collides With The HMB outside The Tombs?

Meet us tonight at 6:30 pm at Columbus Park, Bayard Street between
Mulberry and Baxter Street, on the park's northeast corner.

We will bring music to an unexpected audience, an unseen audience, an
unprepared audience. The unsuspecting ears will be those that are
waiting to be transferred to jail, corrections officers, and workers in
Chinese and Vietnamese restaurants in the area. This curious
intersection of NYC society will converge in a Utopian moment when the
Hungry March Band plays for the soul of the city. Please join us in
seeding the downtown soil.

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