Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Utopia #4 - 23 Skidoo

Tuesday - We started this Utopia at the scene of the original 23 skidoo in Madison Square Park where the Park Rangers stopped us after a round about and sent us over to the base of the Flatiron building. We met some interesting people that day including a women who asked us if we were a Jewish Arab band from Brooklyn. Here's a link to some pictures.

From the Desk of Trombonist Ben Meyers:

Grab your lunch and find a cozy spot near East 25th Street and Madison
Madison Square Park for a 1pm impromptu recital by the Hungry March
If Robert Anton Wilson still roamed the planet, he would explain the
Masonic-geographic significance of the Flatiron building and its
relationship to the Bush junta, and then encourage one and all to
it with a 9/8 cocek dance in hopes of levitating the thing. RAW, sadly,
longer roams the planet, but don't let that stop you from coming out!

Tuesday, September 25
1 PM
Madison Square Park, east side
Be prompt!

one love,
Hungry March Band

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