Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Kids Rubulad

Kids Rubulad is a monthly affair for adventuresome parents and their rambunctious spawn. The atmosphere ranges from madhouse mayhem to a calm lull. The lull tends to be during the craft making and mealtime. The rest of the time is pretty much a constant din of children wilding and someone nearly always gets hurt but injuries are quickly forgotten so as not to miss out on the action. There are often balloons, hula-hoops and music combined with rowdy games, dancing and plenty of opportunities for teaching moments. The food is always spectacular and vegetarian.

Jessica Baldwin in the founding mother and keeps the action going. Each month features a different theme with crafts, games and food in thespirit of the theme. Everyone can participates in whatever capacity they choose. We generally tend toward the have a glass of wine, chill out, make a craft while keeping one eye on the kids, keeping the small fry out of harms way.

Some of the past events have included a dradle game, horticultural crafting, pumpkin carving, clay sculpture making and even bow and arrow shooting a turkey piƱata. Yes, it was a real bow and arrow. There is sometime a DJ, the ever patient Kamal or the kids DJ.

There is no email list for this event and most of the coordination is done via phone calls and the advertising is old school grass roots postering.

Here's a couple of sets of photos
Kids Rubulad Dec 2007
Kids Rubulad Oct 2007

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