Friday, November 7, 2008

iphone vs blackberry vs G1 vs ?

I dropped my sturdy and much loved, two year old, little old Motorola phone a couple of weeks ago and it died. Luckily my husband had an extra that he was going to switch to that I am temporarily using while I determine which phone is the best for me.

I am on the hunt and looking at all the options out there. I am wondering if I should replace it with another simple cell phone or one of these new fangled "smart phones". I have to judge the cost, the necessity, the fun and the addiction factors. There are so many options. I have recently started using more of the features on my phone such as texting for twittering and would love to be able to post pictures from where ever I am. I am also wondering what will stand up to abuse and work nicely for me. My family has also begun using mixed calendars on google with success and I would like to have a phone with which I can use these calendars.

I am going to researching and thought I would blog about my search. I know there are other moms out there who would like to enter this geeky world of organizational tools. I'll give you what I got.

and here's a joke smart phone

and the iphone comes out on November 7th, 2008

iphone vs blackberry vs G1 vs Moto Q vs Treo

iphone :
downers: intn'l rates are said to very high so BB is best for a lot of intn'l travel

J.D. Power Ranks Apple iPhone Highest
BlackBerry manufacturer RIM (703) and Samsung (701) follow Apple in the rankings.

here is another article on Smart Phone from Washington Post

the new BlackBerry Review

G1 from T-Mobile Review from PC (Google Android Phone),2817,2331003,00.asp

CNET iPhone vs T-Mobile G1

The iPhone 3G beats the G1 in the CNET Prizefight:

One of my main desires is to be able to use my google calendar on my some to be new smartphone and am looking on the web to try and see if this is possible These guys have the same desire:

and it looks like this is the answer:

another approach but looks more complicated

iPhone G3 - latest info from Apple

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Bill said...

Another one to throw into the mix - have you looked at the Sony Ericsson Xperia X1?