Sunday, November 9, 2008

Phone Search Continues

I have eye strain from all the research seeking the phone or smartphone that works for me. I realize I need to make a list a the features I would like and do not so much care about to assist me and others in such a search. There are so many options out there and is not easy to sort through the reviews. I so wanted the iPhone to be the "one" but after research I am finding that it may not be. I am a big MAC Apple fan and think I would love it but I don't listen to music on my phone and have no interest in doing so. My intension is to use the phone a bit like a journalistic tool and have found some articles on line that are helpful that I will share.

What I need:
-AT&T Provider
-Call quality is important
-long battery life
-ability to use google calendars
-take & send decent quality photos to the web
-take & send decent quality video to the web
-blog to web
-record sound
-maybe a few things I don't think I need now but might once I discover them

What I don't so much care about
-Playing music on the phone

What would annoy me:
-short battery life
-bad voice sound quality


Peter said...

Go with the iPhone. Period.

I've had one for 9 months and I've maybe played music on it 3 times.

What I have done is:

-- make phone calls

-- Easily conference 3, 4, even 5 people

-- Watch a movie on a long flight

-- Read a zillion emails when away from home

-- Send a lot of emails that needed to be sent when away from home

-- Read a ton of easily downloaded articles while on the subway

-- Played endless games while on the subway

-- Used the screen as a flashlight through the "flashlight" application

-- Used the phone as a level with the "level" application

-- Looked up a ton of restaurants on Yelp

-- Looked at the subway map 20 times

-- Looked up subway rerouting on the weekend 20 times (the MTA has a a great app)

-- Used the built-in google maps 1,000 times, especially when in the W. Village. ;)

-- Amused toddlers for hours with some of the very simple toddler-oriented games.

-- Been thrilled to have my entire address book from my computer automatically with me at all times.

-- Taken dozen of photos of things I wanted to remember later -- book cover, furniture, street addresses, door knobs, etc.

So as you can see, the fact that it's an iPod? Who cares. Because of the super-easy application downloads (and creation) the phone is really the world's most amazing swiss army knife.

Get it.


Karen Montgomery said...

As the creator of, I am just wondering what you find annoying about the font on the Think Mobile Phones page:-)